OIC Youth Indonesia Chooses Sarief Saefulloh to be Secretary General

DELIK INDONESIA - Sarief Saefulloh was elected as Secretary General of OIC Youth Indonesia. Sarief placed his position as Secretary General after being deliberated by the national board of OIC Youth Indonesia.

The election took place on Saturday (23/1/2021). During the Plenary meeting held by PLT President of OIC Youth Indonesia Astrid N Rizqita explained his resolution to welcome 2021.

"Because OIC Youth Indonesia upholds the collective-collegial principle agreement, I will submit the vacancy of this secretary general to the forum to propose so that I can consider" he said.

Participants in the Plenary Meeting agreed to promote Sarief Saefulloh as Secretary General of OIC Youth Indonesia.

Previously, the position of the secretary general had experienced a vacancy after the previous secretary-general replaced the president of OIC Youth Indonesia who was dismissed due to problems.

"If the forum has appointed me as secretary general, I will solidify my intention to escort OIC Youth Indonesia's PLT President in carrying out organizational work," concluded Syarif on his occasion to deliver his remarks as Secretary General.

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